Wednesday 15 June 2016

day 61 - inside my house

I'm spending a lot of time inside my house this week. More precisely, inside my bedroom. Surprisingly this isn't due to any laziness on my part, it's actually because The Men are here doing home improvements, so we need to keep the cat beans cooped up out the way. It would be cruel for the cats and dangerous for my belongings if I left them alone in my bedroom, so here I am cat sitting. 

At the moment, there are holes in the bathroom wall and exposed brickwork. They only came to do some tiling and some painting, but LITERALLY A PLANT was growing behind the tiles, which is what was forcing them away from the walls. So instead of just taking off the old tiles and replacing with new, The Men have to had strip back loads of the plaster. It's kinda odd being able to see the bricks of this old house from the inside. It also smells really earthy in there, and I'm rather worried about slugs popping in for a wee visit. They are not welcome here. 

I'm trying to think of some fun activities to do whilst cooped up inside a single room of the house. I suppose there's actually quite a lot:

- reading
- playing Stardew Valley
- blogging
- general writing stuff
- reddit
- catch up on Game of Thrones 
- Netflix
- napping
- some small yoga
- drawing and colouring
- daydreaming

are just a few things I can think of. 

Despite the many activities of solitude, I am super looking forward to all this work being finished. It's  a super good job I've got this time off work or I dunno what we could have really done. Poor Smudge is having a nervous time :( 

I'm gonna try get some pictures of the carnage later, but right now The Men are working so I shan't disturb. 

Edit: here are some pictures of quite what I mean:

you can see bricks

the hole and the window

more holes

the naked pipe corner

This is the process of the problems being sorted, so I suppose it's okay that this is all happening. We'll have a nice fresh bathroom in a couple of weeks.