Saturday 11 June 2016

day 57 - download part 2: blowout

Saturday - the day of the wee jobby 

Saturday was the blowout day. We started drinking on the way to the arena and didn't really stop until bed time, so much of it is a bit of a blur. From what I remember I had a good time.

us at download

 I actually was brave did a stint in the mosh pit at Anti Flag since they filled me with drunken rage about the government and stuff. I forgot how good they are. 

I'd never heard Tesseract before, but I liked them so much that I'm listening to them while writing this post. The lead matey has a really nice voice and it made me have feelings.

Deftones were good. Another band I've not listened to for ages. Download is really just a huge culmination of my fave bands from my teenage years and maybe early twenties. So much nostalgia. 

I don't actually remember much of Black Sabbath, but I do remember calling my mum and insisting I told my step dad that Ozzy was right there and that he should be jealous. 

My main memory of Saturday night is of meeting up with some dudes that Faffy knows from a previous Download, who just so happened to be from Scotland. I spent the rest of the night shouting about WEE JOBBIES, since I once had an incident with a wee jobby... (down south a "jobby" generally refers to a thingemyob or what whatdyoucallit, whereas up north it means a poo. This got confusing once when I sent an email to someone at work referencing the "jobby". They were northern.)