Sunday 17 April 2016

day 1 - food and wine in Brighton.

It's my birthday in a week's time, I'm going to be 26! No longer a Young Person, I get to graduate to Regular Person.

Originally, I was going to go to Brighton with Emma for the weekend, but then we remembered that we are poor and couldn't quite afford to do that, so we went for the day instead.

Brighton is one of my favourite cities ever, and one day I would like to live there. It's got the sea on one side and the South Downs on the other, and a very vibrant and liberal culture. I love all those things.

Our general plan for the day was drink, eat, drink, beach, drink, eat, drink. We did quite well at sticking to this plan, starting with wine on the train, then wine and nachos at Yates, then wine on the beach, then we went to the arcade (slight deviation), then dinner and wine at Wetherspoons. All in all I would say a great success.

here we are on the train. Not featured: flask of wine.

fun on the beach!

We kept being sat at table 5 by complete coincidence.

Wine on the beach!

I love the sea.

The sky was kinda angry, but not enough to rain on us.

Brain, just in case.