Friday 15 April 2016

day 0 - the grand list for the grand adventure

Welcome to my grand adventure. Or quarter life crisis, however you want to look at it.

Either way, I have six and a half months off work, 198 days to be precise, to do whatever I want to do.

So, given that the world is kinda my oyster now, I figured I should probably at least make a list (I love lists) of things I would like to do during the next 198 days:

- grow food at my allotment
- actually clear the allotment in the first place so I can grow food
- travel round Europe
- go back to Amsterdam
- visit Croatia. Apparently is super nice.
- Canada maybe?
- learn to run far. more specifically, be able to run at least 5k (may base fitness is shocking)
- reach my goal weight
- see the Aurora Borealis
- actually leave the country is probably a good starting point
- bloggy mcblog
- move house
- read books
- figure out what it is I actually want to do with my life
- and work out how to do it
- write some fiction
- finally visit my buddy Gordon in Scottish Land after all these years
- celebrate Eurovision
- celebrate halloween (this will actually be my 198th day)
- go to MCM comic con
- beer festivals!

aaaaand probably a whole bunch of other stuff  (I'll add when I think of things)

It feels super strange not having to go to work for six months, and super scary knowing I'm not going to have a reliable income (or any income actually) until like, Novermber. I have savings though, but obviously they're not infinte. must be careful, must do a budget! Right now I'm technically on paid holiday, so I'm not worried too much yet, but I will need to have a Real and Grown-up look at my finances soon, else I might be crawling back to work early because I have run out of money.

It'll probably be fine.