Saturday 14 May 2016

day 29 - eurovision!!!!

Eurovision is the first of the three main events of the year, the other two being Halloween and Christmas. One of the big highlights of the year is the annual Eurovision party. We've done a few parties over the years, and I believe that other than the obvious song contest itself and the people you're with, there are three main things that every Eurovision party needs:


Obviously the main theme of it all is cheesy European music, but to be more specific, the theme this year was Sweden since they were hosting. Guests wore blue and yellow, food was from Sweden (IKEA, actually, but same difference), and the Swedish flag hung proudly from the wall. 

Here is my dress that I made for the occasion: 

I realise that I can also wear this dress next year because it matches the colours of Ukraine too :) 


Swedish food! It is the best! Also very easy get hold of seeing as many of us actually work for IKEA and we are very local to the store. We had GIANT CRISPBREAD, cheese, salmon, more salmon but rolled up in flatbreads with mustard and dill sauce, Maribou chocolate, and homemade princess cake. 

It won't be so easy next year with the theme of Ukraine, but according to Wiki they do have many tasty foods that we can try. Drinks wise, the main spirit is apparently moonshine though, so I think we'll give that one a miss. 


The obligatory Eurovision drinking game! Guaranteed to get everyone very, very drunk. We do one set of rules for during, and another set of rules for the results. This year, the rules were:


Drink every time:
- the word "love" or "heart" is mentioned
- there's a change of language during a performance
- Australia!
- a political statement is made
- wind or fire


Choose your favourite and drink:
- one sip for 1 - 7 points
- 2 sips for 8 points
- 3 sips for 10 points
- 4 sips for 12 points
- everytime they are in the lead
- down your drink if your favourite wins!

We all drink when the UK:
- get nil points
- gets 8, 10 or 12 points
- is in last place
- is in top 5

Inevitably those who chose Ukraine as favourite were a little tiddly by the end.